Another reason why the #vaccine and #Autism debate is ridiculous

I know this is a touchy subject for many but we really should be able to talk about this without anyone freaking out.  I also know that most people won’t touch this subject with a ten foot pole but I’m not one of those people.  My readers have proven that we can discuss serious and sensitive subjects without waging war

The boys just got home from their visit

I did manage to get some rest today but my Dad and I took care of the plumbing issues in the basement before the boys got home. 

It was actually nice to just hang out with my Dad for a the day. 

Anyway, the arrived home a little while ago.  Everyone’s is a pretty good mood and that’s a very positive thing. …

Here’s how the flu shots went this morning

As I mentioned earlier today, the boys were getting their flu shots this morning.  I firmly believe in the value of the flu shot, when they don’t screw up the strain of course.

Elliott and Gavin had to get the actual shot, while Emmett got the nasal mist. 

Elliott was really nervous but very, very cooperative.  I couldn’t be …

Why it’s so important the boys get their flu shots this morning

I’m taking the boys to the pediatrician this morning.  It’s flu shot day and while I’m not particularly excited about dealing with this on my own, the boys are in a good place this morning and ready to take this on.

Of course, I’ve promised them McDonald’s afterwards and maybe that helps a bit but whatever works, right?


Emmett may be able …

Let’s just kill the #vaccine debate and focus on more important things

I really try to be open minded towards people of differing opinions but it’s getting harder to do that…

With the recent news that Autism statistics are now more in line with 1/45 kids being diagnosed, I’ve seen anti-vaccine movement reving up to climb all up and down those numbers. 


I believe in and support the vaccination of our children.  …

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