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My new writing buddy

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Ruby is glued to me a large portion of the day. This is where you can typically find her while I’m in my favorite writing seat. She’s become my new writing buddy… ☺ Buffer11 Share9 Tweet4 Pin2 Reddit1 Share1 Stumble1 +1Shares 29

Sweet picture from our July 5th adventures

I know these are a couple of days late but I wanted to share them anyway. On July 5th, one of my focuses was wearing my kids out, by keeping them busy all day long. It was dark from a perfect day but while Lizze was in class, I took… Read more »

I haven’t seen a Japanese beetle in forever (photography)

I haven’t seen a Japanese beetle in forever (photography) On our nature trip yesterday, I found this little invasive species. I used to catch Japanese beetles all the time when I was a kid. Until today, Elliott had never seen one before, which kinda blew my mind because they were… Read more »

I love taking pictures of bees on flowers (Photography)

I love taking pictures of bees on flowers (Photography) Aside from my kids, bees are hands down my favorite things to take pictures of. It’s said that if bees go extinct, we won’t be too far behind, pun intended. ☺  There’s just something about a creature this small, having such… Read more »

Dealing with the stress of being an #Autism Parent

As Autism parents, it’s extremely important that we do things to help us deal with the indescribable amount of stress we face on a daily basis.  One of the things that I’ve found aside from blogging, that helps me to decompress when things are really bad, is photography. These are… Read more »

One of my favorite pictures from this weekend’s adventures

I’m not sure what flower this actually is, but it’s one of the newest flowers at the Canton Garden Center. Turns out this newest flower was also home to my new little friend. I’m not sure what he is either, but he didn’t seem to mind my intrusion.. ☺  Buffer6… Read more »

The boys made it to school a few minutes early 

The boys made it to school a few minutes early today. It was nice watching them walk into the building, know that there’s only four days left of school. As challenging as the summer will likely be, neither one of the boys will be stressed out over school. They both… Read more »