Sweet picture from our July 5th adventures

I know these are a couple of days late but I wanted to share them anyway. On July 5th, one of my focuses was wearing my kids out, by keeping them busy all day long.

It was dark from a perfect day but while Lizze was in class, I took the boys to the indoor playground and let them play for awhile. They ended up joining in a game of tag with the other kids that were there.

It felt so nice to see them having fun with other kids in a playground.

After Lizze arrived home from class, we went to the Garden Center as a family. The boys went exploring, and Gavin found several painted rocks, that he promptly re-hid somewhere in the giant garden, for others to find.

Lizze and I took pictures.

In the gallery below, there are a few pictures from the indoor playground, and some from the Garden Center as well. I like to take photos every chance I get, and I think these turned out pretty good. ☺

I’d love to hear your thoughts… ☺

Click the image to open the gallery…

[foogallery id=”60312″]

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