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Emmett’s been in a lot of pain lately

Emmett’s been having a lot of back pain recently. He’s been to the doctor and it appeared to be muscular in nature so he was referred to physical therapy. The appointment was scheduled but we had a month or so to wait and it felt like forever. Yesterday, Emmett had his evaluation and they believe …

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PT Healing At Home Offers Physical Therapy & Angelic Healing Services in Los Angeles

More people have begun to pay attention to their physical and mental wellness. However, they may not want to leave the house. Having at-home care puts them in a comfortable environment and can make sessions feel better.  PT Healing At Home offers some great physical therapy and angelic healing services at home. Check out their …

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We meet again Akron Children’s

My day is off to a great start. I slept through the night and woke up feeling energized. I bought donuts last night to surprise the kids this morning. I have a relatively busy morning in front of me but I know I totally got this. Elliott got off to school without a problem, although …

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Why I’m taking my youngest back to physical therapy

We’re bringing back an old family favorite this week in the form of physical therapy. Emmett will be making his return to PT on Wednesday. He goes for his evaluation on Wednesday and hopefully, he’ll be approved for at least a few months. Emmett used to be very tiny and was in PT to help …

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