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Buying socks for a child with #Autism or #SPD is an experience unlike anything else

Show of hands. Who here enjoys buying socks for their child with #Autism or #SPD? This is of course, sarcasm because for many of us, it’s a nightmare. We went sock shopping again today. Read about it at the link below and share your experience in the comments… ☺


We barely made it through our little sensory crisis this morning but we did :) 

Pin2 Share1 Share Reddit Tweet +1 BufferShares 3Lizze managed to get Emmett to at least wear his crocks to school today. That was no easy task because she worked through… Read more »


It’s a major sensory morning in this #Autism house

Buffer7 Share4 Share2 Pin2 +11 Tweet RedditShares 16I’ve put myself in time out for a few minutes. I’m going on four hours of sleep and Emmett is a sensory nightmare… Read more »


Never doubt the seriousness or incapacitating nature of sensory processing disorder 

Pin3 Reddit Share Buffer Tweet +1 ShareShares 3We’ve had two meltdown moments today.  The first one was from this morning and it was massive. The second one was a after… Read more »


Massive meltdown over shoes and socks

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Buffer6 Share5 Pin2 Share1 Tweet1 +11 RedditShares 16Here’s what happened this morning in regards to Emmett’s shoes and socks.  For simplicity, I’m going to refer to it as World War… Read more »


I just realized something today and it scared the shit out of me

Share13 Buffer6 +14 Pin2 Share1 Tweet1 RedditShares 27With school starting back up in 23 days, I just realized that we are going to have a pretty big problem. Since June… Read more »