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An Assault of Verbiage

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I’m doing something a bit different with this episode of The Autism Dad Podcast. Last week I was supposed to be interviewing Harish Bikmal, the founder of Zenaviv. Unfortunately, there were some technical issues that interfered with recording and I had to reschedule. In order to sorta fill in the… Read more »

Why are #Autism parents Judged so Harshly? (S1E5)

If you’re an Autism or Special Needs parent, you are probably all too aware of what it feels like to be judged by those around you. My wife and I are no exceptions. I know how bad it feels to be judged and I see how badly others are impacted… Read more »

Things are not going so well right now

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I’m having a rough go at this weekend. It’s the tail end of a long-ass week and I’m spent. The E’s are doing pretty good right now and Emmett even finished his planet report which he’s been incredibly stressed out over. Elliott has been relatively mellow and that’s pretty awesome… Read more »

Why it’s okay to feel frustrated with your #Autistic or #SpecialNeeds child

One of the things that are difficult in my life as a special needs Dad is coming to terms with my own humanity. What I mean by that is accepting my limitations as a parent, embracing my emotions and not beating myself up for getting frustrated with my kids. There… Read more »

Quick update

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Gavin is having an off day. As I type that, I’m asking my how I even know he’s having an off day because most of his days are kinda bizarre. I don’t know if that makes sense. Anyway, he just seems off today. I’m not super worried about it but… Read more »

This week has taken its toll

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It’s been a very long week and I’m spent. The good news is that Lizze’s pain has been cut in half, which is an enormous weight off her shoulders. It’s far from perfect because the amount of pain she’s still in would likely incapacitate most people, but it’s significant progress…. Read more »

Why we almost didn’t make it to the @ClevelandClinic today

I’m absolutely exhausted but I wanted to deliver a super quick and dirty update. Lizze had her 3rd headache infusion at the Cleveland Clinic today. We almost didn’t make it because traffic was absolutely insane. When I say insane I mean insane. It was literally bumper to bumper traffic for… Read more »