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I realized something that has profoundly changed the way I look at and feel about my pending #divorce

If I were in some way able to change the past and make it so none of this had ever happened, that would come at a price that I’m unwilling to pay.


Today brings a significant change to the boys visitation with their Mom

The reason there was hesitation about this wasn’t anything personal at all, it’s simply because the kid do not do well with change. This will throw off their schedule they’ve gotten used to over the last year and a half.


#Autism and #Divorce: My son won’t sleep for 36 hours or more after a visitation

Divorce is proving to be getting harder on my kids with #Autism as time goes on. Here’s what is happening that has me worried 😓


Divorce and Visitation is so much more difficult with #Autism involved and here’s an example

Divorce and Visitation is a difficult thing to navigate on a good day, with typical kids.. When Autism is involved, things get do much more complicated. Here’s just one example of what I mean….


Why am I happy the boys get to visit their Mom today?

The boys have a overnight visit with their Mom today. Here’s why I’m happy to see this happen…


This actually felt really good to hear today

Pin3 Share3 Share Reddit Tweet +1 BufferShares 6 12► These are just a couple pictures from today.. ☺    I’m going to say that the highlight of today was simply… Read more »


Confessions of a Single Dad: There are so many things I’m not good at

“……….My kids can’t wear compassion to school. They need clothes and that means someone has to take them shopping for clothes and as the single Dad of record, that someone is me. Wrangling my kids and taking them to the store is nothing new for me. I can do that with my eyes closed but shopping for clothes is not so easy………” Read More