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Why it’s so hard to cook for my #Autism family

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Good morning folks. ☺ Last night before bed, I decided to do something this morning that I haven’t done in a long time time. I know this is going to sound weird but I haven’t cooked a family breakfast in I can’t tell you how long. Sounds terrible doesn’t it?… Read more »

Just a super quick note

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So, I’m sorry that I’ve been absent from here recently or at least not writing as much as I normally do. I’m spread so thin right now and I’m having to puts some things down. I wanted to quickly post an update because Gavin is heading back to Akron Children’s… Read more »

Where’s the volume control?

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I love my family. I know things are challenging and I can find myself overwhelmed and frustrated but I truly adore my family. Aside from improving our quality of life and safety, I wouldn’t change my life for anything in the world. I don’t know why I always feel compelled… Read more »

This was expected

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I went to bed last night, knowing that this would be a possibility and after not sleeping well at all, I was quite grateful when the early morning call came to confirm it was a snowday. We got a snow/ice storm late last night and early this morning. It was… Read more »

Can anyone relate?

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Sometimes life is so overwhelming and being an Autism parent is the least stressful part of it. I’m wondering if anyone can relate to how I’m feeling right now?

Sensory processing issues get in the way again

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Trying to get the kids ready for school can be like herding cats at times. There are a million reasons for that. Sometimes it’s pretty kid typical and just not wanting to get out of bed, or simply dragging their feet while getting ready. Other times it can be more… Read more »

We could all use the break

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We’re finally getting back into our routine after last week and the long weekend. It’s been fun for the boys but it’s also been chaos for them because they thrive in their routine, as do most Autistic people. The rest of the week is going to be a sorta slow…. Read more »

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