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Emmett had a great time

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Emmett had an amazing time at his friend’s birthday party today. It was at Chuck E Cheese and while it’s not very adult friendly, the kids loved it. ☺ I hung out the entire time and met some the parents. They were all super nice and it helped to offset… Read more »

Emmett has another birthday party today

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This is the second Saturday in a row that Emmett has a birthday party to attend. I’m thrilled that he’s got the opportunity but two weekends in a row is a bit much. 😜 This afternoon he has one of his best friends party and it’s at Chuck E Cheese…. Read more »

You won’t believe where we found his missing #IVIG Infusion supplies

After some serious searching in every conceivable place, we finally were able to locate most of the missing supplies. We found 4 sets of tubing and 2 needle sets underneath the small couch in our dining room. It was the last place we looked because it didn’t occur to us… Read more »

This is a perfect example of why being a #specialneeds parent can be so exhausting, frustrating and overwhelming

We’re not off to a good start today. I basically woke up to Elliott and Emmett fighting and it went downhill from there. I could have weathered the fighting but then Gavin entered my morning with news that very much pushed me over the edge. Gavin casually approaches me and… Read more »

Sometimes it’s really hard to remain positive

This has been a rough week for us. Actually, it’s been a rough recent history for us. We really, really, really need to chalk up some victories here because moral is getting low. There are some very positive things that have happened recently. The mass in Gavin’s arm turned out… Read more »

At the @clevelandclinic Neurological Center for Pain hoping for a miracle

Lizze and I have safely arrived at the Cleveland Clinic’s, Neurological Center for Pain. She really scared that they won’t be able to help her. She hasn’t been in – nor does she want to go on pain medication. She want the pain to stop, not just be masked. We… Read more »

My wife is visiting the @clevelandclinic today, desperate for relief from her constant migraines

It’s a huge day for Lizze. She’s finally getting in to see her new headache specialist at the Cleveland Clinic. Lizze has had the same migraine for roughly the last 6 plus years and it never stops or goes away. She’s never responded to medication and they’ve tried everything, including… Read more »

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