I want to say thank you for judging me……..

It’s so hard for people to understand what special needs families are faced with on a daily basis. I tried to put just some of the daily challenges and choices I have to make, into words. My hope is that this will help people to gain perspective..

I’m blessed to have a very loving and supportive family but not everyone does.

The following is dedicated to all the special needs families of the world.

If you were to walk into my house at any given time, you would find many things. Among them, the floor covered with toys and the kitchen with a sink full of dirty dishes.

If you ventured into the basement you would see a mountain of dirty laundry patiently waiting to be washed. Look around some more and you would find unmade beds, stacks of unpaid bills and even some shut off notices.

Some people would look at this and judging me, say that this is a reflection of me as a person, a father or my ability to take care of my family.

To those people, I say thank you.

Why in the world would I thank someone for saying something like that?

The answer is both simple and complex all at the same time. While under different circumstances I would be insulted, hurt or even angered by those judgmental and thoughtless comments.

That being said, I’m a single father trying to raise three kids with Autism on my own. There are no words to express the level of challenge I’m facing every single day.

 My kids are absolutely amazing but they each require all of my time and every ounce of energy I can muster. On the very best of days I’ve not enough to meet their needs.

I’m always taking the kids to various therapies and to or from school.

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