I’m so grateful for the good days

I’m so grateful for the good days

The boys came home about dinner time and shortly after, we went to my sisters for a little gathering. Most of my siblings were there and I got to see a few family friends as well. 

It’s was just a nice time and the boys had fun. 

It’s so easy to get isolated when you’re a special needs parent and I’m trying to make sure I don’t let that happen again. I’m making an effort to be more social and while there are still times, I opt out of things, I’m glad I went tonight. 

Afterwards, there was sort of a family meeting. It was just myself, my parents and two others.


The whole point was to discuss everything going on in my life. We are working to find ways to improve upon my current situation and we were putting our heads together. 

Sometimes, the challenges I’m faced with can create problems that have an unintended impact on others. I hate that this happens and I’m working on ways to ensure that doesn’t happen. 

I’m really grateful to have a family that is so willing to help figure things out. 

I’m lucky to have a family that is so understanding and supportive as well. 

Tonight I’m going to bed feeling like there’s hope and that’s a pretty good feeling.. 😌

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It is days like today for you Rob. That you can find a moment of inner peace. So glad for you! ♡

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