#Autism Parents: Our kids don't need us to be perfect -

#Autism Parents: Our kids don’t need us to be perfect

I know how hard life as an Autism parent can be.  I know because I live it each and every day of my life.

You wouldn’t believe (or maybe you would) how many times I have laid in bed at night, wondering who in their right mind would have ever thought that I was the right choice to parent my three kids with Autism?

I feel like my kids deserve so much better than I can do.  They deserve better than me…

It’s not about self pity either.  It’s simply about wanting the absolute best for the most precious people in my life.

I want to share with you something I’ve come to realize and my hope is that you can truly take this to heart, especially on the really bad days.

Autism parenting isn’t about being a perfect parent.  It’s about being the perfect person to parent your kids with Autism.


This is absolutely the truth.  Who else could love your child more than you do?

I learned that my kids don’t love me because I’m perfect.  I’d be in trouble if perfection was required for my kids to love me.  lol

My kids love me because I’m there for them.  I’m the one constant in their lives.  I’m the permanent structure and routine that helps them to make it through the day.  I’m there for the meltdowns and sensory overload.

I’m the one who spends 30 minutes taking their socks off and putting them back on, over and over again, until they don’t feel funny.

I’m not perfect and neither are you.  That being said, my kids don’t need perfect, they need me.

The next time you’re feeling like a failure or just plain overwhelmed with everything, remember that your kids don’t need perfect.

Your kids just need you. They need the perfectly imperfect person who’s there for them no matter what. Remember that and wear that imperfect parent badge with honor. ☺

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