This is why I never give up and you shouldn’t either

“This is why I never quit, walk away or give-up”

There are times when I’m so tired of fighting this fight, day in and day out, that I just want quit or give-up.

I think that I’m only designed to deal with so much before my brain just yearns to shutdown.

Enough with the depressing banter though.

This is a positive post and I’m hoping to inspire at least one person who’s struggling, not give-up.

I tend to have really rough days and as a single parent to 3 kids on the , that shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

My heart aches for my kids because they are struggling so much since their Mom left last year.

We’re moving forward but there isn’t a part of their lives that hasn’t been impacted.

Things just get so tough at times and trying to meet each of my kids unique demands as is…… well, there really isn’t a word to describe that level of challenge.

I can get so tired of struggling, failing, hurting and trying to see the positive in this ever evolving nightmare of a journey. Sometimes I just want to stop. I just want everything to stop spinning out of control.

Anyway, I promised positive.

There’s a reason I never quit, walk away or give-up. Actually, there’s 3 reasons and their names are , and Emmett. ❤️

The truth is that there’s a 4th reason as well and that’s what I wanted to share.

The 4th reason I never give-up, quit or walk away is because I have no idea what tomorrow holds in store for me. It’s like that old saying that success is getting back up just one more time than you fall. 

In other words, if I give-up on everything, quit and walk away, not only am I failing my children but I’m making huge assumptions about what tomorrow is going to be like before it even happens.

If I had given-up any of the times my exhausted, overwhelmed and heartbroken self felt like doing, I would have missed out on what turns out to be truly amazing moments in my life.

When I go to bed at night, I have no idea how the next day is going to turn out. To be completely honest, there have been plenty of times I’ve assumed it was going to be the same or worse than its previous counterpart.

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