Can your child with #Autism live up to your definition of success?

The definition of success is likely different for everyone.  Some people equate success with money and power.  Others may see it as mastering a trade or earning promotions at work.

When it comes to defining success, we must be careful, especially in regards to our children with Autism.


It’s very important to remember that depending upon our personal stance as to what makes a person successful or not, we are setting expectations for our children to live up to.

If our expectations are not realistic or practical, are we not setting our children up for failure?

As a father to 3 boys with Autism, my definition of success is perhaps different than most. For starters, my kids are already successful as far as I’m concerned.

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I don’t care about my kids being rich or corporate executives.  It doesn’t matter to me if my kids are on the fast track for promotion or flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

All I want for my kids is to be happy with their life.  I want them to be as independent as possible and reach their true potential, whatever that may be.

I feel that’s very realistic and I will be here to help my kids every step of the way…

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