We went 12 hours without power today and here's what happened -

We went 12 hours without power today and here’s what happened

I’m not gonna lie.  It’s been a really weird day because we were without power for almost 12 hours.  In fact, it only just now came back on.  During that 12 hour window of time, I was completely cutoff from the world because without WiFi, my phone has no data and can’t make or receive reliable calls.  T-mobile needs to get their shit together… 

Anyway, within that 12 hours, our house got hot and our food got warm. I think everything will prove to be okay.  

With the power back on, I can’t get our network running for some reason and so we’re actually still cutoff from the world.  The only reason I can write this now is because I’m at the school, waiting to pick up the boys.  

Writing has been a challenge today but I’m using the time to get caught up.  

Anyway, that’s were I’ve been, in case you were wondering.  I mean, not that you were but whatever.  ☺ 

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