I found this tonight when I went to climb into my bed

I found this tonight when I went to climb into my bed

I’m rarely surprised by things anymore, especially in regards to the weird shit my kids are capable of.  😁 

Tonight I was getting ready to climb into bed and this is what I found.  

Emmett had climbed into my bed before I even got there and I don’t think he’s done that before.  I never heard him moving around and he never came down stairs after I tucked him in, hours prior to finding him here. 

I know this is strange but he sleeps in his school uniform most nights.  I don’t understand it but it’s a battle I’ve chosen to not pick and my thought process on that is basically who the fuck cares. He’s not hurting anyone and it makes him feel more comfortable.  

I was able to get him back into his own bed tonight.  My back is out right now and I need to sorta sprawl out across my bed tonight.  

Emmett is a masterpiece that I don’t fully understand but I truly adore learning more and more about him each day..  ☺ 💙 

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