A week of possibilities ahead

It’s been a really long weekend but that long weekend has come to an end.  Monday is upon us and with it, a brand new week of challenges.  ☺ 

Lizze has class on today and I have a few errands to run but that’s about it for responsibilities outside the house, at least for Monday.  I really like my Monday’s to be slow and stress free, so here’s hoping.  

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We do have family therapy on Tuesday night but it’s an off week for Speech and Occupational Therapy.  That being said, Emmett does actually start his social group this week. I’m positive this time and he’s pretty excited about it.  

Lizze has class again on Wednesday and aside from a few other appointments, I think that’s about it, 

This will be a week full of possibilities and I mean that literally.  There are some things in the works that have the potential to make a big difference in our lives.  I’m both nervous and excited to see how everything plays out.  

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I hope all of you have as good a week as possible and I hope that life treats you kindly.  ☺ 


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