A week of possibilities ahead

It’s been a really long weekend but that long weekend has come to an end.  Monday is upon us and with it, a brand new week of challenges.  ☺ 

Lizze has class on today and I have a few errands to run but that’s about it for responsibilities outside the house, at least for Monday.  I really like my Monday’s to be slow and stress free, so here’s hoping.  

We do have on Tuesday night but it’s an off week for Speech and .  That being said, Emmett does actually start his this week. I’m positive this time and he’s pretty excited about it.  

Lizze has class again on Wednesday and aside from a few other appointments, I think that’s about it, 

This will be a week full of possibilities and I mean that literally.  There are some things in the works that have the potential to make a big difference in our lives.  I’m both nervous and excited to see how everything plays out.  

I hope all of you have as good a week as possible and I hope that life treats you kindly.  ☺ 

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