I’ve granted you major access to this #Autism family’s backstory

I spent some time and rebuilt Lost and Tired.  I pulled it down because it had hacked and every link redirected to some port site.  I completely rebuilt it from the ground up and it’s now hack-free and safe to browse once again. 

I’m having trouble restoring comments and that sucks but the whole point of this was to grant everyone access to our entire back story.

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The Autism Dad picks up in August of 2015 and Lost and Tired covers everything prior to that.  This will provide better context to our lives and you can see how far we’ve come. 

The rebuilt site is barebones because it’s only meant to be a reference…  That being said, I’ve beefed up the security and so it won’t be as easy to hack this time around. 

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If you’re interested in reading our backstory, simply visit www.lostandtired.com and you’ll have over 8,000 posts to pick from….. ☺