Heartbreak: We learned more about Gavin’s condition today

So we had family therapy tonight and one of the main topics was Gavin because of how he’s been struggling lately.

At one point, we called him over and had him debrief Dr. Pattie on all the new missions he’s been going on with his visibly challenged group of super best friends. Gavin didn’t spare any details and he told Dr. Pattie everything. 

When he was done enthusiastically filling her ears with every single detail of these missions and death threats, he simply got up and went back to what he was doing.

It was just one of those wow moments when we all just looked at each other and made sure everyone heard the same thing because it was definitely out there. 

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Dr. Pattie explained once again how this is just part of who Gavin is and the cycles will come and go.  We aren’t going to worry too much about this unless things get darker, more violent or if this cycle lasts for more than a couple weeks. 


In the past, we’ve seen many of these cycles end on their own without any intervention at all.  We’ve also seen many cycles require medical intervention as well. 

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you will likely remember that Gavin has been admitted to the Psych Unit at Akron Children’s Hospital close to a dozen times over the years.  They weren’t always related to psychotic breaks but a few of them were. 

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We just need to sorta wait this out, provide emotional support without playing into his hallucinations, if that makes sense.  We have to find a balance between respecting the fact that these things are very real to him, while not reinforcing that they’re real.  It’s not easy and frankly, I’ve never really figured out how to do that.

Lizze and I have always taken the approach where we listen to whatever he wants to share with us, ask questions and say things like that must have been scary or it sounds like you had an exciting adventure. It seems patronizing but if anyone else has a better approach, I’m absolutely open to hearing it because I’m not saying we’re doing the right thing.  It’s simply the only thing that even seems to be in same Universe as the right thing.

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Anyway, before I sign off.

In case anyone was wondering how Gavin’s visibly challenged, super best friend Sonic, was  doing after Eggman corrupted his DNA, causing him to change into a girl, I’ve got some good news.

Gavin informed us tonight that he used the power of music to change Sonic back into a boy. He said that he sang a very powerful Sonic song and changed his DNA back to that of a boy. For now, all is right in his Universe.

It’s been a really weird and challenging day but we survived it, even if by the skin of our teeth.