Psychotic Break: Very important information on how Gavin’s doing (video) 

I wanted to help provide you with insight into what we are facing with Gavin, during his current psychotic break.

It’s important to understand that when I say that Gavin’s psychotic, that doesn’t mean that he’s some kind of depraved serial killer in the making.   Psychotic simply refers to losing touch with reality.

In Gavin’s case, this means that he can no longer tell the difference between what’s real and what isn’t. With Gavin’s permission, I recorder him talking to me about what happened back at base today.  

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Periodically, Gavin will approach me and ask to fill me in on all that he’s been up to with his visibly challenged friends. Things haven’t improved much, if any at all but at the same time, it’s doesn’t seem to be getting worse. Although, he can now see into the future apparently and I’m not sure what to make of that. 

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The following video is family friendly and simply involves Gavin talking to me at his adventures today.


    1. You’re right, especially legally. That said, this isn’t a court and as my sons parent, I don’t really need permission. However, Gavin likes helping other people understand what he’s going through because it helps to understand what other kids might be going through.

      While he’s bouncing between his world and reality, he’s still able to tell me what he wants and doesn’t want.

      You make a really good point though. Thanks

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