I’ve got some pretty awesome news 

The next week or so is going to be pretty stressful as we prepare for something pretty cool to happen.  

As you may be aware, I’m the Brand Ambassador for Vivint Gives Back

Be sure to check out the above link and see out how we can help you keep your family safe.  It’s an amazing program that I believe in so much so that I’m working directly with Vivint to help reach families that need help.  

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Anyway, on July 27, Vivint will be sending some people out to my house, in order to film a Web series about the technology they are able to provide families like mine at no cost and service for as low as $15/month (based in need). 

I’ll be doing some tutorials on the actual equipment and then they’ll be filming our testimonials.  

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I’m really excited about that part because I’m really hoping to reach as many families as possible.  We want to help and there’s no catch.  

Our goal is to provide families like mine with peace of mind via state of the art security and home automation.  I can’t say enough about this program and some of my readers have already taken advantage of this program.  

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The idea of having a film crew at my house for two days is a bit overwhelming but it’s for a really good cause and we have 10 days to get straightened up.  That’s plenty of time.