Feeling thankful this morning

In a pleasant twist of fate, the weather is going to cooperate, at least for the immediate future.

This means we can hopefully get the steps done today.  This is hugely important because we’re in a deadline and must be able to have State Farm Insurance take pictures of the new steps on Monday, in order to maintain out homeowners policy.

The boys are in a good mood as well and that will make today a bit more manageable..

Feeling super grateful this morning.



  1. Why are you just now fixing this? You have known about it since May.

    • Would it kill you to just let me have a positive post? I’m talking about being grateful for the way things worked out. Are you seriously asking this question or am I reading into it?

      If you’re seriously asking, there are to many reasons to list as to why it wasn’t done until now.

      It’s not like I have the time to just tear into something like this on my own. I had to wait until I had help available and I knew for sure that I had to do this.

      There was some question as to whether or not it actually needed to happen. My agent was supposed to come out and get back to me about whether or not it actually needed done of if the original assessment was correct.

      They made the final decision a couple about 2 weeks ago and I’m under the gun now. Hence, why I’m grateful… ☺️

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