Nothing has gone as planned today and a few other ramblings

This morning got off to a rough start and then I was late getting lunches to the school for the boys because of bad accident that had traffic backed up. 

When I got to the school, poor Emmett was sitting with nothing to eat for at least 15 minutes. I called ahead to let them know I was running behind but he was still worried I had forgotten about him and that feels absolutely terrible.  

Elliott’s lunch was actually early cause they eat at different there’s that. ☺ 

We were supposed to be at the Cleveland Clinic all day today but Lizze woke up in so much pain that she was not feeling well enough to make the trip. That was frustrating for her on a few levels but also because we were supposed to eat lunch/dinner at P.F. Chang’s.  
My parents gave us gift cards for our birthdays, otherwise we could never afford it and we have been waiting to go. Rescheduling our trip to Cleveland is in indication of just how badly Lizze feels today. 

I thinks it’s mostly Fibromyalgia related pain, which makes her daily migraines worse. 

I didn’t know this until recently but these Fibro Flares (what we call these more intense episodes of chronic, full body pain) are triggered by changes in the barometric pressure.  

I’d always thought it was a temperature thing but it’s actually a change in the surrounding pressure.  It makes sense when I think about it and with the fronts we’ve had blowing through the last few days, it’s been rough for her.  

She’s resting in bed while Gavin and I are at the school waiting to pick up the E’s. 

The boys are going to be thrown off because they are expecting Grandma to be picking them up but that’s not happening now and I forgot to call ahead to prepare them.  

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