I’ve made a switch in regards to my readers commenting 

I’ve made a switch in regards to my readers commenting 

I’ve been really lucky over the years that I haven’t had much of an issue with the internet commenting on my writing.  I have however, had a bit more lately than usual. 

At the same time, I’ve been having an issue with my commenting system in general.  

While I’m working things out and making a final decision on what direction to go in, I’ve moved to Facebook comments.  Over 1,000,000,000 people have a Facebook account and it’s become the standard for single sign-on. 

At this point my thoughts are this.  
I realize that some people may not like using Facebook commenting but for now, it’s a necessary move.  Not only does it add a bit more accountability to people who leave mean spirited comments because they can no longer hide behind a username but it also makes it more accessible to a larger population of people.  

It’s also an easy way to bring more people into the conversation, as well as share the content you really appreciate.  

If anyone has a issues using it, please let me know.  

Right now, Disqus was presenting too many issues and no one liked LiveFyre… 

All comments have been preserved and displayed below the Facebook commenting box.  All comments made will be saved to the wordpress database, for use if/when I get Disqus figured out.  

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