I really screwed the pooch on this one but it could have been worse

This is going to be one of those days where I know going into it that it’s gonna suck a big one. This time it’s because I screwed up again. 

When I had the boys at the immunologist/allergist, earlier this year, follow-up appointments had been made that somehow never made it into the calendar. 

I’m very meticulous with managing my calendar and everything syncs with my Google Apps account across all my devices but the ball was dropped somewhere along the way. 

Yesterday I received a phone call confirming the boys appointment for today. I didn’t even have a clue we were supposed to be there today and that’s really frustrating for me.  
For whatever reason, the appointments were no longer in my calendar, so I didn’t plan for this rather difficult undertaking but I just need to adapt once again and roll with it.  

I’ll have to pull the boys out of school for the day because by the time we’re done, school will have long since been over for the day.

Lizze has a really important appointment that she can’t get out of and since this was essentially last minute, there was no way for her to work around it.. This means I’m on my own, which really isn’t a big deal. 

The boys and I will be making the three hour trip for a 20 minute appointment. To make this even more fun, Gavin will have to stop to use the bathroom every five minutes.

Perhaps if I time his medications right, he’ll fall asleep on the way up, at least we’ll make it up there with minimal detours.  

The point of the this trip is basically a follow-up, moreso for Gavin’s crippled immune system but also asthma checkups as well. Elliott’s been off his inhaler, aside from emergencies, since his last appointment. We’ll see how he’s doing with things and decide if he’ll need to start back up again with daily maintenance puffs from his inhaler. 

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