In a bit nervous about how Gavin’s bladder issues are going to impact our trip to Cleveland today

I’m not really sure how this trip to Cleveland is going to go. Gavin’s bladder issues have ramped up since increasing his Clozapine. The really tough part is that he’s not actually having to go to the bathroom most of the time. It’s just the overwhelming urge. 

He’s struggling with this and there really isn’t anything we can do provide him with relief. 

If I leave early, in order to accommodate frequent bathroom breaks, than we’ll be there too early and the boys will have to wait much longer to be done. If I leave at the normal time and we have numerous bathroom breaks along the way, we’ll end up being late. 

While it’s not the end of the world either way, it does stress out the kids and that can snowball rapidly. 

There’s really no version of this story that will be ideal….. 

The drive itself is tough enough for the kids but adding frequent stops doesn’t make things any easier. As the boys are very focused on time, they worry about being too early or too late for things.  

I’m not super stoked about this trip but I am excited to get medication refills done and out of the way.  ☺ 

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