Buying socks for a child with #Autism or #SPD is an experience unlike anything else -

Buying socks for a child with #Autism or #SPD is an experience unlike anything else

Lizze and I took the boys to my parents house to care for their dogs while they are out of town. Afterwards, we hit Walmart because Lizze needed to get a few things and Emmett needed to get socks. 

Getting Emmett socks is never fun because it always ends up being a waste of money. Spending money on socks for Emmett isn’t a waste but when he will no longer wear them after the first few times because they feel funny or they hurt, that’s the wasteful part.

In the eight years that Emmett has been on this Earth, we have never found socks that he will wear for more than a short while. We’ve bought ridiculous amounts of socks over the years and we’ve tried just about every kind you can imagine. 

This is one of those things that we can’t give up on though. There are times, especially during the winter that he has to wear socks. 

I’m hoping but not holding my breath, that today’s purchase will prove to be different.  

I have some pictures of this adventure, as well as of the socks were trying this time. I’ll post them later, when I get back on my phone.  

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