My heart breaks for Jacob Hall and his family

I’ve been following the story of six year old Jacob Hall. Little Jacob passed away after a teenager shot up Townville Elementary School in South Carolina. Jacob passed away on Saturday after suffering complications due to the massive blood loss from the gunshot wound.

My heart broke when I saw the news of Jacob’s passing.

I don’t know him or his family but he very much reminds me of my youngest, Emmett. I couldn’t prevent my mind from taking me to a place where every parent goes after seeing something like this. We imagine what it would feel like, had that been our child.

It’s a natural human response and it’s one of those things where we can almost feel the pain these parents must be going through.

As a paramedic, I’ve experienced the death of children and truthfully, it’s one of the reasons I no longer do that job. I’ve been around death many times but when it comes to kids, it takes on new meaning, especially after I had children of my own.

Maybe that’s why I’m so heartbroken over Jacob’s death? Maybe it’s the simple fact that an innocent child has lost his life and a family has lost a child. This isn’t supposed to happen and this should never have happened.

This could have happened at any one of our schools. This could have happened to any one of our children. When is enough going to be enough? When will we stop bickering over things that don’t matter and instead, work together to put an end to these tragedies?

My kids are with their Grandparents tonight. While we desperately need the break, I’m wishing they were back home so I could just watch them sleep for minute, knowing they were safe and sound.

We’ve been working with Emmett because he’s struggling when it comes to sleeping in his own bed. As uncomfortable as it can be when he climbs into our bed and wraps himself around me, I don’t think I’ll ever complain about that again.

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