We’re done with the Cleveland Clinic for this week and here’s how everything went

Yay.. We made it home from the Cleveland Clinic in one piece but ran into a problem. The front passenger window went halfway down and won’t go back up. It can’t be forced and that sucks but I gonna switch out the switches for that window and see if that helps. 

This is the window that won’t go up 😔

While I don’t always love the drive, I do love spending time in Cleveland. It’s a beautiful city and it’s home to what sometimes feels like our home away from home, the Cleveland Clinic. 

The appointment went well and the drive home went smoothly, aside from the window. 

We have to go back once a week for the next three or four weeks and that’s going to present a few challenges, both financially and logistically. I’ll figure something out though. 

I’m just glad to be home because I’m so incredibly tired. All we have left is to pick up the boys from school.. ☺ 

On a side note, here’s some pictures from out trip today.. 

View from the parking deck

View from the parking deck

The distant skyline

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