A Sneak Peek of a documentary about my #Autism family

My goal with The Autism Dad blog is do whatever I can to help the Autism community. I share my experience raising three kids with Autism and provide comfort, insight and inspiration to other Autism parents in need of it.

I also like to touch on issues that are important to the Autism community as a whole. This is one such topic.

Autism is growing exponentially and it seems like we’re always getting new numbers and statistics to demonstrate that growth. The reality is that roughly 50% of those touched by Autism will wander from a place of safety. Sadly, in many cases, these elopements will end in tragedy.

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This is the terrifying reality that so many Autism parents live with on a daily basis. It’s widely known that there is little, if anything that can prevent a child with a propensity to wander, from wandering.

The video below was filmed this past summer and is part of a larger documentary about my Autism family and how we limit the risk of our kids wandering away from home, using technology.

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