Fricking #Sensory Processing issues are killing me

My Mom took Lizze to the dentist while I picked up the boys from school today. I had it all planned out and decided to take the kids on a walk at the park so I could walk and they could catch Pokémon. 

I was thinking that this would be a nice surprise for the kids while Lizze was at the doctor. 

We got to the park and everyone was able to sign into Pokémon Go. That’s half the freaking battle right there. It’s so frustrating for the boys when the game freezes or the servers go down and they can’t sign in. It’s even worse when it only happens to one of them. 

Everything was going so well and I was really excited because the boys were in a great mood and the weather was gorgeous. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it two minutes into our walk/hunt before all Hell broke loose and Emmett began freaking out.  
He went from zero to full on meltdown in nothing flat. 

Between his screams of I’m hungry or my shoes feel funny, it was over. 

I tried to work through it with him but he was just gone.  There was no recovering from this or saving the trip. 

When I tried to use the zone tools we learned in OT, he just screamed at me. Thankfully we hadn’t made it far at all before this all happened . 

On the positive side of things, Elliott and Gavin were very understanding. They didn’t put up a fuss and that made this easier. The other thing is that I can look back on today and know that I tried to get out and walk, it just didn’t work out.  

I’m telling you what. These sensory issues are a complete nightmare. I know they’re way worse for Emmett but they are very much making the caring for of Emmett way more difficult. 

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Sensory issues are so hard to address at times. My heart breaks because all three of my sons have them


Sensory issues are so hard to address at times. My heart breaks because all three of my sons have them

Rob Gorski

Tina, I totally feel your pain. All three of my boys, and my wife struggle with sensory processing issues and it impacts every single day.