We received some bad news

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I really like to focus on the positive side of things but sometimes, life just sucks. No matter how it’s painted or candy coated, there’s no escaping the gravitational pull of this dense ball of negative shit.

If I don’t talk about this stuff then you don’t have a true image of what our lives are like or the challenges we face while we’re going through everything else. With that in mind, I’ll share the shitty day I’ve had. 

There were quite a few littler things that hit us today but the single biggest thing is that we lost the dispute with our bank over the $500+ in unauthorized transactions. It was two transactions and they found that no error was made.

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We’ve appealed but it’s gonna take another two weeks and that will take us into the days following Christmas.

The apparent problem is that the charges came through PayPal. They wiped out my balance there and then pulled the rest from my checking account because it was setup as the backup source. 

The bank seems to feel there was no error because I’ve authorized PayPal to deduct from my checking account balance. PayPal seems like a dead end because the bulk of the funds came out of my checking account and not my PayPal. Does that make sense? 

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