I think I can I think I can 

I think I can I think I can 

Gavin seems to be feeling a little better as the afternoon begins. He’s still off but he’s always off to some degree. 

Elliott and Emmett have been bouncing off the walls this morning. We have our first snowfall of the season and I think that has them really excited. 

Gavin’s currently sleeping and that’s a good thing for a few reasons.  

  1. Life is hard for him and he needs the rest
  2. If he’s sleeping he can’t be walking around and he can’t hurt himself when his legs give out
  3. When he’s sleeping, he can’t talk me to death.

That last one is a bit on the selfish side but I’d be lying to you if I neglected to mention that him sleeping gives me a reprieve from his incessant talking. ☺ 

I’m hoping to have a quiet-ish day because I just really, really want a quiet day. 

Either way, I’m hanging tough and will continue to do so, regardless of what life throws at me today… ☺ 

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