Should I be worried or proud?

Gavin and I were playing Minecraft tonight before he went to bed and this was the conversation we had about his latest mission today. This mission debriefing was a little concerning and a bit on the creepy side. Perhaps not listening to this with the kids in the room would be a better idea this time.

The context of this mission involved someone in Gavin’s world being murdered. Gavin was outraged by this act of violence and took it upon himself to return the favor as he put it.

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I don’t know how to feel about this because the fact that he would want to murder someone, even in his world, is concerning. I worry about his thought process there but at the same time, when you hear what he ended up doing and why, maybe it’s okay.textgram-3

I would really appreciate your thoughts on this because I’m feeling lost at this point.

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  1. BJW

    I don’t think a moral value can be placed on Gavin’s delusions. We all have thoughts and we can think aggressive things. (Now, I live with 3 men and I can say that, from my POV, guys tend to be much more aggressive, even in their fantasies.) Shoot, how many of us enjoy a movie where the bad evil guy gets offed?

    Now, I know this fantasy world is real to Gavin. But it’s still not real. I would be concerned if Gavin started acting aggressive in the real world. I mean, he’s obviously mentally ill. But if his aggression crossed over into reality, THEN you should be deeply concerned.

    A phone call to his doctor/psychiatrist might be in order, if you continue to be concerned.

    My 2 cents. 😉 And BTW, my sons go/have gone to psychiatrists, counselors AND so have I.


    1. Thanks Becky. You’re totally right. My worry is that because the line between reality and fantasy is so blurred, if it even exists at all, he doesn’t understand the gravity of making decisions like that.

      He ultimately made the right decision but I don’t want to see these things carry over into the real world..

      Solid advice once again…. ☺

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