The letter I sent to my son’s teacher about him being bullied at school

In the ongoing issue of Elliott being bullied by a kid in his class, I sent the below message to his teachers after learning that these things are still happening.  

I have great respect for these teachers and I know their job is not easy. At the same time, it’s their responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those in their care. 

I’ve spoken to the school several times about this issue and it remains a problem. I wanted to make myself heard and ensure that I got my point across without losing my cool… 

I don’t understand why they have to witness something they know is happening, in order to do anything meaningful about it…. 

I’m disturbed to learn that xxxxxxx is still a problem.  Elliott says he was hit by a pencil yesterday, smacked on the back and generally made to feel uncomfortable. Today xxxxxxxx was messing with him in Martial Arts by jumping in front of him and getting in his face. 

The reoccurring theme here is that when a teacher is told, it becomes Elliott’s word against xxxxxxx’s.  Xxxxxxx insists that Elliott is lying and so nothing happens to address the problem. Removing points isn’t sufficient punishment for what defines as bullying.

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I’ve spoken with the office as well and expressed my concern.  I expect Elliott to feel safe when going to school. Elliott has a right to feel safe, as does anyone’s else xxxxxxx is targeting.  Xxxxxxx does not have the right to touch, hit, throw objects at or invade the personal space of Elliott.  I’m very quickly losing patience with this situation. 

I expect this situation to be resolved as my understanding is that the school has a zero tolerance policy for bullying.  

I understand this is a difficult situation to manage and I don’t envy your position but the reality is, there is a child in your classroom who’s making the school day difficult for mine. Elliott is being physically hit with hands and objects around the classroom. I appreciate that you may not witness these things but you know their happening.  Why does xxxxxxxx get the benefit of the doubt when he’s the one who is victimizing other students. Do bullies have rights at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Does your child have problems with bullies? How have you handled the situation? Did you feel the school was supportive or hesitant to deal with the problem?