Our kids have returned but how are they doing? 

The boys have been home for a little while now and seem to have settled back into their . For the most part, everyone’s in a good mood but some of us are pushing buttons. 

By some of us I’m referring to .  

I think part of the problem is that he’s overstimulated and what we are seeing is very much a kid with , and almost no impulse control. This isn’t unheard of after a visit to his grandparents or anyone else for that matter and it has nothing to do with them. It’s just sorta par for the course with kids like mine.  

Emmett’s been doing pretty well and so has . Although truthfully, Gavin’s been talking nonstop and OMG is that exhausting already. 

While this is challenging, exhausting and a wee bit frustrating, it’s not anything we can’t handle. 

I do predict that bedtime will be a bit more difficult than normal because of the excess energy. Maybe I’m wrong though. I’m really hoping I’m wrong..  😁 

Regardless, it’s always such a good feeling to have the kids return home. 

As always, we are so grateful for the break and glad the boys had fun with their grandparents..  ☺ 

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