Important year end message to my readers – Page 2

Important year end message to my readers

I’ve learned so much about myself, my limits, my strengths and my ability to persevere.

I learned that I had what it takes to be a single father to three boys with special needs and while it wasn’t perfect, all things considered; I think I did pretty damn awesome. I also learned that while I do have the strength to do this alone, both my life and the lives of the boys are so much richer and more rewarding with Lizze with us, at home where she belongs. <3

2016 has been a year of rebirth for my family and especially my marriage. I went into this year with a divorce looming over my head like a dark storm cloud. I’m leaving 2016 with a renewed sense of hope and lust for life because everything has come full circle.

My hope for 2017 is that I continue to grow as a person (but shrink the waistline) and be better able to take on the many challenges that life tends to drop in our path.

I think in many ways, 2017 brings with it many unknowns. Some of these unknowns are scarier than others, but I pray that I will find the strength to rise to the occasion and stand up for what is right. Much of this country’s future will be shaped in the coming months, and I hope that as a society, we can stand together for what’s right and stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

I wish you all the very best of whatever life can throw your way. Please have a safe and Happy New Year…..





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