#Fit4Autism: Weigh-in Wednesday (wk 1)

As part of my weight-loss journey, I’m weighing myself every Wednesday. I don’t know how often you’re supposed to weigh yourself when trying to lose weight but once a week seems like a good start.  

I woke up this morning and weighed myself. 

I sorta got caught up in the moment and forgot to take a picture but I wanted to share anyway. 

Before we begin, I need to make a clarification to my original post about needing to losing weight. There was a typo in the original post. When I admitted my weight, I wrote my weight was 318 lbs. That number should have been 328 lbs.  

I didn’t catch that until much later and never got around to correcting it.  
When I hopped on the scale this morning, I was down to 320 lbs.  That means I’ve lost eight pounds in the first week. I’m pretty stoked because that was mostly the result of drinking more water, correcting my eating habits and a few rounds on the treadmill. 

I haven’t stress eaten since I started and I’ve said no to fast food when it was an opportunity. 

Eight pounds is more weight than I want to lose in a week so I need to make some adjustments and take in more protein. I’m also going to dig out my Bowflex and rotate between strength training and cardio. 

I’m going to do one day weight training and the next cardio. I’ll continue in the pattern until I reach a certain point and need to make further adjustments. 

When losing a significant amount of weight, it’s so important to include strength training and tons of protein to help ensure that you lose fat and build muscle. 

Anyway, this was a really successful week for me, despite not doing a perfect job. 

I’m going to keep on keeping on and I’ll let you know how next week’s weigh-in goes. Thanks again for all the support and encouragement..  ☺