The main way I’m coping with the stress of being an #Autism parent

One of the things I'm pushing myself to do right now is manage my stress in more natural ways. My life is so full of stress, there's times it hard to find room to breathe. What I'm trying to do is make the room for me to breathe and in doing so, give myself a better chance to cope with the things going in in my life. I always have things to worry about. Gavin's declining and thinking about where that is going to take us, scared the shit out of me. Emmett is dealing with this fever disorder, nightmares and whatever is causing these tummy aches. Elliott is an emotional train wreck right now. Autism, extreme anxiety and puberty are not being kind to him. Lizze is miserable most…


Things are working out this morning

All signs point to being able to walk at the park today. I'm super excited to be able to do that. It's freakishly warm out and is perfect for walking. We've already finished two of the three appointments we have this morning and are currently waiting for the third to be done with. I want to get back into walking at least a few days a week and I'm can't wait to get started.


I’m tired of being this way

I'm going to be quite busy this morning. The boys have to get to school, Gavin has to get his bloodwork done, and Lizze has two appointments to get to. All of this is before lunch time. My goal this week is to get my weightloss and return to wellness back on track. Honestly, I've never recovered from the holiday's and I desperately need to get back on track. Exercise is a critical part of managing my depression without medication and I fully intend on making this work. I'm tired of being overweight. I'm tired of being so easily winded. I'm tired of not being happy with the current condition my body is in. I used to body build and I've fallen so far from that. I don't want that…


Top Tips To Help Kids With Autism Be More Active

This is a collaborative post and doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of this blog or its author. Many families that have children with autism will agree that exercise and activity is a great outlet for them. There have been plenty of studies surrounding the benefits of exercise with autistic behaviors, and that exercise is a great outlet for those behaviors to reduce or even for children to learn discipline and gain self-control. However, it can also be a challenge to not only get your children to take exercise, but also for them to be excited about it. So I thought I would share with you some of the top tips that can help children with autism be a little more active.Image source Making sure you have the right gear to…


Trying to get exercise while doing chores around the house

I'm pretty proud of myself. Our dryer has been broken for a couple of weeks now. I tore it apart a week ago and discovered that it was simply the belt that was broken. I was able to order one on Amazon and it finally showed up today. Emmett, Gavin and I went into the basement and replaced the belt. It literally took less than five minutes. Gavin and Emmett each held a part in place for me while I put the new belt on. Emmett even used his little tool kit to secure all the screws again. They were both a big help and we are finally able to use our dryer again. ☺ I hate doing laundry but I'm excited to get the floors in as I take…


I’m making progress

Today is my second full day with the Fitbit Ionic. I'm really pumped to be using this to help me with my weight-loss journey. I'm very motivated to make the changes in my life that I need to, in order to improve my health, both mentally and physically. I'm setting reasonable goals and achieving them. Once I feel I've mastered a certain goal, I'll set a new one for myself. The Fitbit app helps me set, monitor and achieve my goals. Check out the screenshot from the Fitbit app, detailing my efforts for today. I still have a long way to go but every step forward gets me one step closer to my goal. If you have a Fitbit account and want to friend me, that'd be awesome. We can…


We had such and awesome day today

We had a really awesome day. Aside from a few hiccups discussed in an earlier post, by all accounts we had a great day.  Lizze and I took the boys walking again today, right before dinner.  Unfortunately, we were competing with dusk and had to cut our walk short but I took all that into account when planning our turn around point. We ended up walking 2.02 miles and I didn't have to carry anyone. ☺  Emmett only had one my foot feels funny incident during the entire walk and that's awesome.   Our goal is to head out earlier in the day tomorrow and not so close to sundown. We'd like to do this as often as the weather allows because we're working on a healthier lifestyle and walking…