It’s not his fault and yet he blames himself

Yesterday was a rougher day for Gavin. I should clarify. He was well behaved as usual, but he was physically struggling a bit. Aside from the incessant talking, which only bothers those he’s talking to, it was almost like his body was failing him. Let me explain. 

There were several times where Gavin legs just sorta gave out on him and he either fell or almost fell. 

Unfortunately, this seemed to only occur while he was walking up the stairs, which made this even more dangerous. 

Gavin was very frustrated with himself but there wasn’t anything he could do about it. It wasn’t something he had any control over but he still felt like he was doing something wrong. 

It really sucks because life is hard enough for him without blaming himself for the things his body does or can’t do. 

We’ll just have to keep a closer eye on him.. 

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  1. Kim Gebhardt

    Is Gavin in the habit of using both railings when going up or down the stairs? That obviously won’t keep his knees from giving out but at least he won’t fall down the stairs when it happens.

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