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Gavin seems to be struggling more today, and it’s heartbreaking

Gavin’s had a rougher day thus far. He seems to be on edge, but there’s no apparent reason why and if you ask him, he says he’s fine. He had his IVIG Infusion this morning, and per the current norm, he did it all by himself. Unfortunately, he ran into… Read more »

The weird things my son with #Autism says

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The things I talk about in this post are not meant to be disrespectful for Gavin. If you’re an Autism parent, you’ll probably have at least some experience with your kid saying something weird in front of someone in public. They don’t mean anything by it. It’s just those pesky,… Read more »

My son is missing his critical medications for the month

A large part of my stress load today is the result of Gavin’s IVIG supplies never showing up.  I was contacted on Friday by the supplier who said that Gavin’s shipment is delayed because they have been unable to get refills from the doctor. They were going to fix this… Read more »

I’m heartbroken over forcing my son with #Autism to go to school today

I woke up exhausted, but in a good mood. That mood carried me through until it came time to get Emmett in his shoes and socks.  Lizze worked for quite some time with him on being able to tolerate his shoes and socks. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts and massive… Read more »

We have a problem that needs to be resolved today

If I had to describe how I slept last night, I would probably say shitty. I had a really hard time getting comfortable and would wake up because my back was killing me.  Then at some point, both Elliott and Emmett took turns waking up.  Despite a rough night, I’m… Read more »

When to hold a special needs child accountable 

I love having the boys home but I hate these four-day weekends because they totally throw me off the following week. All day today I thought it was Sunday because the boys were home from school. I’ll end up being a day off for most of the week.  😁  Putting… Read more »

We had such and awesome day today

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We had a really awesome day. Aside from a few hiccups discussed in an earlier post, by all accounts we had a great day.  Lizze and I took the boys walking again today, right before dinner.  Unfortunately, we were competing with dusk and had to cut our walk short but… Read more »

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