Many people will take for granted that their kids wear clothes, but not this #Autism Dad

Many people will take for granted that their kids wear clothes, but not this #Autism Dad

It’s been a roller-coaster day here in The Autism Dad household. We started the say off with a bang or rather an enormous meltdown (see Autism Parenting Confessions: Does anyone else ever feel like giving up but won’t?). It’s wasn’t fun.

Poor Emmett couldn’t tolerate his clothes and there was nothing we could do. The school pants he would wear are in tatters and we’ve been unsuccessfully trying to find replacements that he’ll tolerate forever.

After things settled down a bit, I told Emmett that we would try looking for pants again today.

We ended up at Sears, which incidentally is shell of its former self. I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t have much hope that would find something because even Lizze’s Mom has taken him out looking for pants and never had any luck.

I don’t know what else to say but someone was looking down in us this afternoon because I was able to find Emmett three pairs of pants. He actually tried them on, liked them and I bought them. I bought him two pairs of dress pants, a pair of comfy pants for wearing around the house and a few shirts he can wear to school.

I don’t want to get to excited yet because anything can happen in the morning, but he worn one of his new school shirts and his comfy pants since we arrived home from our shopping trip. ☺

All signs are pointing to holy shit, I actually found him pants that he’ll wear. That’s an awesome feeling. I think most people take the fact that their kids can wear clothes for granted, but not this Autism Dad… ☺

I’m so incredibly proud of Emmett for cooperating and being willing to try on the new pants while we were at the store. This wouldn’t not have been possible had he not been willing to try and work through all this sensory stuff… ☺

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