Depression Confessions: How the @fisherwallace Stimulator is helping me battle #Depression

UPDATE: I was speaking Chip Fisher, the President of Fisher Wallace Laboratories and received an update on insurance companies that are now covering the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.  I’ll add to the list as I get new information. 

Insurance companies currently covering the Fisher Wallace Stimulator:

  1. United Healthcare
  2. Medicaid in the State of Maine

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you on how my withdrawal from Paxil is going. At this point in time, I’m about halfway through the withdrawal process and things are going pretty well.

If you’ve never experienced it first hand, let me tell you that withdrawing from drugs like Paxil, with a very short half-life can be extremely difficult, painful and even dangerous in not done correctly. In fact, since I’ve been discussing this publicly, I’ve heard from quite a few people, sharing their personal experience withdrawal from Paxil. Their experiences ranged from no major problems to having to be hospitalized for life-threatening withdrawal issues.

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My first two weeks of withdrawal were horrible. It was like a really, really bad case of the flu. I felt so sick during that period of time and time was the only thing that helped.

After that, I struggled with insomnia for a few days before beginning to feel better. It was awful.

I’ve explained that my withdrawal is planned out in four phases. I made it through the first and I’m now halfway through the second phase. This time around, however, things have been different.

The first two weeks of the second phase should have been as rough as the first but I haven’t felt sick at all and here’s why. I’ve been using a device called the Fisher Wallace Stimulator and I’m completely convinced that it’s spared me from having to suffer through another drop in dosage.

Here’s a video of how it works:

Here’s the analysis of published research of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator:

I’ve been using this device since the very end of my first phase of withdrawal, about four weeks. After only a few treatments, I was noticing a positive change in how I felt. It’s not like I dancing around because I was super happy but I wasn’t feeling the pull of my depression as much.

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The biggest test came when I entered the second phase of Paxil withdrawal. The first phase had me bouncing between 40mg/day of Paxil on one day and 20mg/day of Paxil on the next. The second phase has me down to 20 mg/day of Paxil.

I’ve been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator two to three times a day and I’ve not experienced any negative withdrawal symptoms as I did during the first phase.

When I stopped using the stimulator for a couple days, I began to feel the side effects from the Paxil withdrawal again. Once I began using the device again, the symptoms were gone.

It’s really hard to review something like this because someone’s personal experience is always subjective. At the same time, however, in my personal experience, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator has been a lifesaver for me.

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