Gavin’s not having a good day

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Gavin’s having a rough morning. For starters, his routine is thrown off because he’s not getting his bloodwork done today. The new day for that is Wednesday’s.

His IVIG infusion is leaking from the left needle and that always freaks him out. It’s pretty easy to fix but it’s not without additional pain. It’s good that he’s working through it but it’s not very graceful..

Lastly, and this one is driving me crazy. He has been nonstop complaining about a hang nail on his right index finger.

All of the crazy things he’s endured or is currently enduring, and the kid is freaking out over a hang nail. He’s always been this way and they tell me it’s sensory related. Back when he suffering from very serious behavioral problems, he would punch himself in the face, scratch his face open with his finger nails, smash his head into the wall. He never complained about the injuries he received as a result but God forbid he should get a papercut or hang nail.

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It’s strange how he processes pain but that’s Gavin for ya… ☺