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The struggles we face while raising a profoundly cognitively impaired adult son

I spoke recently about some of the struggles we face while raising a profoundly cognitively impaired adult son. This morning presented me with yet another issue that was directly related to how Gavin handles things. When we were at his gastro earlier this week, there were a few issues that… Read more »

It looks like it will be a very long night

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Just a quick update. I mentioned in the last post that Emmett woke up and wasn’t able to go back to sleep because of his sore throat. It turns out that Emmett is still unable to go back to sleep and I’m now sitting in a chair, while he’s trying… Read more »

Both kids are getting sick but Elliott is getting worse

Both boys are going to be home again today. They are both sick and Elliott is becoming concerning because of his fever, congestion and cough. He’s probably just dealing with a cold but he and Emmett both will be seen by their pediatrician today. Emmett was directly exposed to Whooping… Read more »

I’m trying so hard not to be swallowed up by the negative

Our week continues to unravel and all I can say is thank God it’s almost Friday. It was a rough night, filled with restless sleep. I’m not sure what was going on. Actually, that’s not true. I do know what’s going on and it has to do with the stuff… Read more »

Sometimes #Autism can be incredibly frustrating

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It’s been a very frustrating day. We had to totally adjust our plans because Elliott was home sick but we try very hard to roll with the punches. Autism and/or Special Needs parents have to be able to adapt because they living in a ery fluid environment. I was able… Read more »

This morning is a perfect example of why #Autism and #SpecialNeeds parents need to be flexible

Today’s already not going as planned. I was supposed to get the boys to school, go walking and then take Gavin to Akron Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately, things fell apart rather quickly this morning. Elliott woke up not feeling well. He’s got a runny nose, sore throat and now a fever…. Read more »

Here’s why Gavin is returning to @AkronChildrens hospital today

We have our second out of town appointment today. This time it’s for Gavin and it’s with gastroenterology at Akron Children’s Hospital. This is really just a follow-up because there’s some lingering questions surrounding the results of his endoscopy and colonoscopy. I don’t think it’s anything serious but we need… Read more »

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