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It’s called irrational guilt for a reason

I’m feeling quite overwhelmed, frustrated, and guilty today. I’m really trying to remain positive, but I need to replace our car in the worst way. We have four or five trips to the Cleveland Clinic before the end of the month alone, and I’m not wanting to keep pushing the… Read more »

Today’s Victory: Packed in the car like sardines

I’m my very first Today’s Victory post in a while; I want to celebrate my kids. My life is indeed difficult, and my kids are challenging to say the least. At the same time, they’re amazing, brilliant, kind, compassionate, loving, and they never cease to amaze me. We had a… Read more »

Remembering to focus on the positive

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I used to do something called Today’s Victory. It’s basically where I close the day off by focusing on something positive from our day. Over the years, I sorta forgot about it, and much of that was due to my ongoing war with depression. It was harder for me to… Read more »

His #IVIG infusion was a disaster this morning and here’s why

Gavin’s been having a difficult morning so far. It was IVIG infusion day again (as it is every Monday and Friday), and it did not go well. Lately, Gavin likes Lizze to place the needles in his belly because they don’t often leak when she does it. Lizze and I… Read more »

The dangerously high heat is upon us

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We’re currently in the path of dangerously hot weather. The heat index is supposed to approach 110°F today and tomorrow. We plan to hunker down and remain grateful we have central air. I was able to hit the grocery store yesterday, and while we do have a doctors appointment in… Read more »

We are celebrating a pretty awesome victory tonight

I wanted to drop a quick line and update everyone on how Gavin did today. I’ve been talking recently about how Gavin is struggling with his temper or rather controlling it. He’s got a very, very short fuse on a good day and no fuse on most others. He’s been… Read more »

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