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It’s been 48 hours since my surgery

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I wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know how my surgery went. As you may or may not know, I had oral surgery on Friday morning and I was not looking forward to it. I’m not sure anyone looks forward to something like that. Anyway, this… Read more »

Last update before surgery

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Alright folks, I’ve got a shit load of nervous energy right now. I’m leaving inside the next 30 minutes and heading to the oral surgeon. I’m not going to lie and say I’m feeling awesome because I’m not. At the same time, I’m far more chill than I expected. I… Read more »

This Week’s Pod: Bittersweet Victories

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Please take a moment and share this Pod.. ☺

I’m massively depressed and I need help

I’m very quickly losing the war with Depression and if I don’t do something, I’m afraid of where I’ll end up. Here’s what I’m going to happen..

We had some incredibly violent outbursts

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We had some very violent outbursts last night and yesterday. Gavin was making some mistakes and not coping with them well at all. The two main ones were at dinner time and revolved around issues with his food. The first one was in regards to his Ramon Noodles. He made… Read more »

Gavin had a HORRIBLE night

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This will be quick because we’ve not had a good evening. Gavin has been freaking out all night. He self-injured and hit the wall, quite hard actually. I’m exhausted but I wanted to let you guys know what’s going on with his meds. It’s been decided that Gavin will stop… Read more »

I’m taking back control over my life this week

I’m not looking forward to this week. We have a huge decision to make in regards to Gavin’s medication and I have oral surgery scheduled for this Friday. I feel absolutely zero excitement for either of these things and frankly, I’m very much on edge. Doing right by Gavin is… Read more »

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