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The plan for today

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The plan for today is to work on the house for a little while before going to the park and enjoying the weather. Maybe we’ll go for hike in the woods. We haven’t done that is a while. The only problem with that Is that Emmett only wears crocs and… Read more »

There is no cure for what my oldest son has but we keep pushing forward

Eariler today there was a knock at the door. It was Akron Children’s Hospital delivering Gavin’s IVIG infusion supplies. I guess I didn’t realize it was already that time of month again. Gavin has been getting these delivers for more years that I care to remember and as much as… Read more »

It’s getting harder to cope

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I’m having a harder time coping with Gavin lately. God forgive me but he’s driving me fucking crazy and I simply don’t have the patience he deserves to receive from me. It’s important to understand that Gavin’s isn’t necessarily doing anything wrong. He’s just being Gavin. The emotions I’m experiencing… Read more »

There are times as his father, I have to turn away and cry

Lizze and I had a fairly decent night to ourselves. The E’s were at their Grandparents but Gavin was home. It’s not really a night off, even with Gavin being the only one home. Gavin is becoming more and more difficult to manage. That wears heavily on us both physically… Read more »

It was a disastrous morning for Gavin

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It’s been a really rough morning. I’ve been fighting off a stomach bug for most of the week and it’s not been pleasant. I’ve actually not been eating much, so might be a great time to weigh myself.. Lol Anyway, Gavin did not have a good morning. His IVIG Infusion… Read more »

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