A major milestone in managing my #Depression

After roughly six years or so, I am saying goodbye to a medication that has been helping to manage my depression. It’s been a three month long journey to withdrawal from Paxil, under medical supervision.

The journey was a mixed bag of feeling like I was going to die and being okay.

I took my last dose tonight and I feel really awesome about it. I’m hoping that as my body chemistry stabilizes, I continue managing my depression successfully between diet, exercise and the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.

My next mission is to withdrawal from the Wellbutrin but I’m going to wait a bit and let the dust settle.

Should this journey prove to difficult without medication, I’ll revisit my decision to discontinue it. My doctor will help me find a medication that’s a better fit for me than the Paxil was.

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  • Becky Wiren says:

    Sounds like you’re doing great. And you’re wise to wait before possibly stopping the Wellbutrin.