The Life-Threatening Reason Gavin’s Surgery was canceled (video)

As you likely already know, Gavin was scheduled for surgery at Akron Children’s Hospital yesterday. Everything went as planned but we ran into a problem. I summed everything up in the video below because it was easier to talk about it than try to explain in writing.

I’ll quickly explain what happened before leaving you to the video for the details.

Gavin’s surgery was canceled at the very last minute and I mean that literally. He was just about to go into surgery when two issues came up. One was workable but one of them led to everything being canceled.

The first issue was legal but more of an ethical concern than a legal one. While this did come up and I share this in the spirit of honesty, it’s NOT the reason surgery was canceled. We worked with legal on this and all we need to do is provide them with paperwork, showing submitted the application for guardianship to the courts. That’s not a problem.

The reason the surgery was canceled for a potentially life-threatening health issue.

Finally, before I leave you to the video below, I want to say how much I truly appreciate Akron Children’s Hospital. They have never let us down and while this was a unique situation, everyone worked together to ensure Gavin’s safety. They were amazing with Gavin and I’m grateful that we are taking our current approach.


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    • Lindsay on June 6, 2018 at 8:39 pm
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    Aw poor thing to have to go through all that prep and then not pull the trigger!! I hope everything checks out ok for him and it all gets straightened out. I also hope that he won’t be set against the prep for his next scan when you get the approval for it now that he knows what he’s in for. Hopefully his heart and arteries check out fine.

    • Kim gebhardt on June 6, 2018 at 3:59 pm
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    Wait, he was having surgery? I thought it was just an endoscopy and colonoscopy??

    1. Kim, they consider it surgery and that’s how they referred to it. Maybe because they take biopsies. Maybe because they actually were putting him in an operating room because of his everything. I’m not sure. Paperwork calls it surgery, as did his doctor and the staff. I guess I never considered it that but I was wrong.

    • Helma on June 6, 2018 at 1:48 pm
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    Why was this not a topic when they were planning the procedure?

    1. It was in his history but there’s literally so much going on that sometimes things get missed.

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