Returning to Cardiology at @AkronChildrens Hospital today

Gavin and I will be heading off to Akron Children’s Hospital once again today. We were able to get an immediate appointment in cardiology and that’s crazy fast.

This is a very important follow-up in regards to Gavin possibly having Marfan Syndrome.

We’ve been down this road before but the doctors at Akron were very concerned about how Gavin physically presented and wanted him to have an echocardiogram before we proceed with his scopes.

I’m not sure he will get his echo today but we’re seeing the cardiologist in order to figure out how to proceed.

Gavin’s not nervous because he doesn’t understand what’s going on but he knows there won’t be any needles. The echo is noninvasive and he’s had a few of them done already. We just need to see where he is now, compared to where he was a few years back.

If everything checks out, we can bring the paperwork we already have in regards to guardianship and reschedule the procedures.

I have a feeling we’re probably going wait until after we follow up with Gastroenterology, just to be safe. With any luck, we’ll be done with guardianship by that appointment at the end of June. We’ve done all we can in that regard and need to wait for paperwork to come back before filing everything.

Anyway, Lizze will be staying back with the boys because they’re not in a place to sit and be patient.

I’ll keep you all posted..

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Becky Wiren

I’m glad you have such excellent care providers. Especially when you do have to go to them often, it is one less hassle. When they aren’t as good then you have to hassle with them back and forth.