Balancing work and kids and school and COVID19

I’m spending way too much time on the phone today trying to manage several problems at the same time and it’s just a lot bit overwhelming. While I’m on what feels like a perpetual hold, waiting for a representative to answer, I’m working on tomorrow’s podcast release.

The kids are really demanding my attention today and there’s simply not enough of me to go around. I feel incredibly flustered right now because I can’t seem to accomplish anything today. Trying to find a balance between work and kids is so difficult right now. I imagine it’s only going to get more difficult as school re-enters our life.

I can’t record anything until my replacement Rodecaster Pro arrives today. It’s being replaced under warranty and I’m sorta dead in the water until then. While I can’t record anything, I can edit what I already have and that’s what I’m doing.

When I’m done with everything, I want to move to the dining room and begin prepping for Mondays return to school. I’m really nervous about this.

Until I get something more permanent setup, I’m going to use the dining room table. It’s not perfect but nothing about this is perfect or ideal. Believe it or not, I’m doing the best I can with all I have on my plate. Some people see it as me making excuses for my ineptitude but I’m just admitting to the reality of the situation. People will either judge me or relate to me. I’m here for those who want to learn or can relate, not for those who judge.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Annette Hines

Rob, continuing on my comment from yesterday and then I’ll be quiet, as I told you in our mutual podcast episodes, I learned much too late to cut myself a break and follow a self care routine. Too many of us parents are ashamed and guilty to speak about our shortcomings and ask for help. Just by virtue of your blog and by putting it out there you are helping yourself AND you are helping all of US! Thank you for your bravery and remember to cut yourself and your kids some slack. It will work out. Sending you much love and gratitude.


Rob. I’ve read probably thousands of Twitter comments this year on how hard it is for parents to work from home and have to teach their kids. It’s obvious you are trying to do the best in a situation that is testing everyone, everyone, that is, who considers a pandemic a serious crisis. The people who don’t are going around, “living their lives” while breathing on others, berating people for wearing masks, and in general, being glassbowls. They are at the delusional, selfish end of the scale, while you are at the fact-based, unselfish, hard-working end of the scale.

All you can do is try. And it will be hard, maybe every day. But you all have a lot of love there. I hope you can vent to the appropriate people (therapy?). But we’re pulling for you! And your posts help a lot of people.