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I definitely didn’t see this coming but here we are

Just when I thought things were with school were going well, the bottom drops out and I’m scrambling to to figure this out.

Color me impressed

I think any parent of an autistic child who’s exploring the possibility of mainstream school for the first time, can relate to what I’ve been feeling. After a decade of charter school, Elliott has been mainstreamed. This really should have happened long ago but it’s happening now and I wanted to share part of that …

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What is now is not necessarily what will be later

For a number of reasons, the last few weeks have been physically and emotionally exhausting. There are a million reasons for this but I’m not going to talk about everything. I just want to focus on the ones that may be the most helpful to parents out there living in the trenches on a daily. …

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Guess who didn’t have school again today?

Guess who didn’t have school again? That’s right, Emmett. Why didn’t he have school again? COVID. More specifically, so many staff members are sick with COVID, they had to close the building for the second day in a row. Hopefully, they will be back on Wednesday. My thoughts and prayers are with the staff members. …

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I need to build a new routine for the school year

We begin a new week that will hopefully include Emmett returning to school. He was not thrilled to have school closed for a week, when he was only two days into the new school year. My day began with a wonderful early morning walk, and some great conversation. It’s really weird not going to the …

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The first week of school is behind us and a few other updates

The first full week of school has come and gone. It didn’t go as planned but we adapted. Elliott had a great week and he really seems to like high school. Emmett on the other hand ended up having almost the entire week off due to the excessive heat. The grade school doesn’t have AC …

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How to Help Students Re-Focus after Spring Break

Vacations at schools of all kinds and colleges are usually very waited for. No wonder. Experienced teachers claim that by the end of a semester students get tired. They start to get sick more often and they work less productive. So, vacations are really necessary. At the same time, scientists claim that breaks in studying …

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I had to pick Emmett up from school early because he was uncomfortable

It’s totally been one of those days here in The Autism Dad househhold. We’re knee-deep into the last week of school and it’s a little more chaotic than I had anticipated, but we’re good. I dropped Emmett off at school and within an hour, I received a string of text messages from him asking me …

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