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A Ginormous Update

There are a few things going on this week and oh, by the way, I got the car looked at. The damage from my idiot neighbors insane fireworks debacle on July 4th was almost $6,000.00. I have to call the bodyshop caused I found an area that we missed when looking it over. In case you missed it, here’s about 45 seconds of what went on for hours.

I had put yellow tape on all the areas where damage had occurred. The car was in pristine condition when I got it last year and I touched up the few spots that needed touched up. Everything new is from my car having professional grade fireworks literally explode all over it for several hours that night.

You can see all the impact marks on the roof alone.

The car will be gone for three or four weeks. That would normally be a huge deal and cause for a rental but with COVID19, we don’t go anywhere very often anyway, especially now that our county is now in the red. That’s not a good thing.

There’s several doctors appointments this week for the kids. All will be virtual because of COVID19. The only one that’s kinda important is Gavin’s. I’m meeting with his PCP to discuss the issues with his current lab work.

Aside from that, I’m going to try scheduling some recording sessions. I have a few episodes left in post that I need to finish and release. I’ve not been actively recording new episodes because life has been insane with everything going on and there’s police sirens blarring thoughtout the day. That’s not something easily removed.

The police activity hasn’t let up but I’m going to try working around it and see how things go. I hate inconveniencing my guests by having to re-record things but standing still isn’t getting me anywhere.

I have tentative plans to record a very important episode with someone about the recent police shootings of autistic children. That’s right, children. It’s drowned out by all the political and pandemic insanity but police are literally shooting autistic children and it’s a fucking problem. Don’t believe me? Google it. Nevermind, I’ll save you the effort. Click here.

I want to take this topic on because it matters and parents are terrified.

That’s it for tonight. That’s a pretty decent update and I need to get some sleep. Stay safe folks and I’ll talk to you later.

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